13 Reasons Being a College Mom is Amazing

Awesome reasons why going back to college as a mom is a good idea

There are so many benefits to going to college as a mom that you shouldn’t let potential challenges stop you. For many moms, going to college was something they thought they’d do before they had kids, but for one reason or another, that didn’t happen.

Many moms return to college for post-graduate studies or to earn a bachelor’s degree (if they already have an associate degree). Whatever your reason for returning to college, I commend you and I want you to know you have made a great decision.

Going back to college as a mom changed our lives, and I am so thankful that I made that decision. So, let me share some reasons why I think being a college mom is so awesome, despite the challenges.



Every mom has a different story about why she decided to pursue a college degree. For some, it’s something they have always wanted to do, while for others, their circumstances demanded or required it.

Whatever your story is, being a college mom is great. Taking this leap is one of the best decisions you can make since you now have a chance to pursue your dream.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been dreaming of this moment. What’s important is your plans paid off. So, enjoy this journey and make the most of being a mom in college.


Having a college degree is important since it has the ability to improve your finances and standard of living, not only for you but for your kids and family.

According to the U.S Census Bureau, as quoted in this article, the average salary for those who have a high school diploma is $37,024 compared to $43,472 for those with an associate’s degree, and $60,996 for those with a bachelors degree. As you can see, there’s a substantial difference in potential earnings between those who have a college degree and those who don’t.

While a college degree doesn’t guarantee wealth, it can put your family on the path of financial stability, and open up more opportunities for you. This is one amazing benefit of being a college mom and earning a degree. It’s a benefit I have experienced firsthand.


If you are an older mom, you may be worried about how you will fit in with all the younger students in your class or college. Let me reassure you that there’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

I went back to college in my late 30s, and while I had lots of younger classmates, I certainly wasn’t the oldest in my class. Once, there was a retired teacher in her 60s and also a few others that were much older than me. I never felt self-conscious or worried about how to fit in.

There are moms of different ages attending college every day, so you are just going to fit right in unless you choose to stand out.


There’s no greater joy than no know you are a role model for your kids, family, and friends. It warms my heart when people tell me I inspired them to pursue their dream.

Some of these people watched me struggle through college. They saw me persevere and graduate from college against all odds. While this shouldn’t be the motivation for going back to school, it’s certainly a benefit that is worth celebrating.

As a college mom, you serve as a role model for your kids, especially if they are older kids. You can inspire and motivate them to go after their dreams and to be hardworking. I think that’s pretty neat!


Not saying you don’t use your mind if you don’t attend college, but it’s a completely different ballgame when you are a college student.

For stay at home moms who have spent the last few (or many) years taking care of their kids, going back to school is a great opportunity to utilize your brain and get a mental workout.

There’s a lot of responsibility that goes with being a mom in college. You have to make a lot of decisions, and also study so you can graduate on time. All of these will ensure your mind will always be utilized and fresh.


Life as a mom is never boring, however, it can get a bit monotonous especially for stay at home moms.

As a mom in school, you will never be bored because there’s always something to do. Every day will present new challenges, and you will need to stay on your toes to keep things under control.

There are lots of challenges that come with being a mom in college. You will need to make a lot of decisions including what classes to enroll in, when to study, how to find a reliable babysitter and many more.

You will probably have a long list of things to do every day. You can totally kiss boredom goodbye when you are a college mom.

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One of the good things about going to college as a mom is that you can work at your own pace. You can tailor your schedule to fit your personal circumstances.

For example, if you have young kids at home, or you are a single mom and can only devote a few hours a week or month to your studies, you can choose to attend college part-time or take one or two classes at a time.

You can decide how long you want to spend in college or how quickly you want to earn a degree. I know one of the concerns many moms have when it comes to going back to school is, how they will find the time to attend college or study.

There are so many options for attending collge, so you should be able to find something that works for you.


Going to college as a mom will be one of the biggest challenges you will ever face. The obstacles you will encounter along the way can help you to build your character and become a stronger person.

The college experience for moms is completely unique and unlike anything, you have ever encountered. You will be pushed to your limit and you will discover strengths you didn’t know you possessed.

I learned a lot about myself during the three years I spent in college. Being a college mom is an experience you won’t find anywhere else.


One of the questions I hear a lot is “how can a mom be a college student?” Being a mom is a full-time job, and some moms can’t imagine how they can balance college and parenting.

One way to juggle both successfully is to become more creative. You have to be able to think on your feet and come up with some creative solutions. There are times when you will feel stumped and dejected, but the ability to problem-solve will serve you well during difficult times.

As a mother in college, you will soon become an expert problem solver since you will have to deal with lots of challenges. A college mom is one of the most resourceful people anyone could ever meet, so wear that hat with pride.


While you may already have a busy social life, going to college is a great way to meet lots of interesting people. If you have been living in the “mom world” for a while and not getting enough interaction with other adults, college gives you the perfect opportunity to remedy that.

I met lots of interesting people in college. Two of my closest friends were from Jamaica and China. College gave me the opportunity to learn about other cultures, network, and learn new things.

Your college days go so fast, so make sure you use this opportunity to connect with others, and if you are lucky, you can build some lasting friendships too.


Being a college mom is great because it fulfills that inner desire you have to prove yourself right. If you have been wanting to go to college to earn a degree (or complete a course you previously started), you are going to feel very satisfied when you finally take the leap.

When I went back to college, I felt so proud because I knew I was doing something I really wanted to do. Each day, I felt fulfilled knowing I was working incredibly hard to achieve my goal.

Knowing you are finally pursuing your dream will give you a sense of peace and personal satisfaction. There are very few things that make you feel more fulfilled than knowing you are pursuing your dream, and you have what it takes to succeed.


Going back to college to earn a degree that I knew could potentially improve my family’s standard of living was empowering.

As a mom going back to school, it’s exciting to know you are taking your destiny into your own hands. For single moms earning minimum wage or struggling to make ends meet, a college degree can change your life and fortune.

Even if you are doing well financially, a college degree is still empowering since it can open up more opportunities for you and help you to grow both personally and professionally. For example, you can move on to a better-paying job or switch careers.

Feeling empowered is one of the reasons why going back to school as a mom is so amazing.


If you struggle with a lack of confidence or suffer from low self-esteem, a college degree can boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Going to college, meeting new people, interacting with your professors and fellow students can instill a lot of confidence in you. You will learn some valuable skills just from interacting with diverse people. Some of these skills are transferable skills that you can use in other areas of your life.

Pursuing a college degree will contribute to your happiness and give you the self-confidence to go after your dreams, and become more engaged and knowledgeable.

I am a little bit of an introvert. I like my own company and usually don’t go out of my way to meet people or make friends. But, attending college, made me more confident and open. I became less self-conscious especially after I did a presentation in my speech class. Talk about nerve-racking!

That experience served me well, I became more comfortable speaking in front of a semi-large crowd. So, if you have self-esteem or confidence issues, going to college can help you address these issues, as long as you are willing to come out of your shell.

Here are 10 more reasons to attend college.

Final thoughts on 13 reasons being a college mom is amazing

There you have it, 13 reasons why going back to college as a mom is so amazing. I know the very thought of going back to school or starting college may seem intimidating to some of you, but it doesn’t have to be scary.

Going back to school is easier than ever before because of all the different options and opportunities. All you need is determination and a plan for achieving your dream.

Yes, it requires a lot of time, effort, sacrifice, and resources to attend and complete college. But, think of all the benefits you will derive from taking this step.

You will finally have a chance to pursue your dream and improve your life.

Why do you want to go back to college?

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