Questions to Find the Best Side Hustles for Single Moms

Important questions for single moms looking for the best side hustles

Lots of single moms have to supplement their income with side jobs or side hustles because they don’t earn enough money from their full-time job.

For many moms, working more than one job is not optional if they are to make ends meets. So, how does a single mom go about finding a side hustle that makes sense?

While there are lots of side hustle ideas for single moms, it’s important to find the right one for you. And, the right side hustle depends on your reason for wanting a side job. In this post, I want to help you think through some important questions to ask before you choose a side hustle to pursue.

Single moms are often pressed for time, that’s why you want a side hustle that makes sense financially and also time-wise.

If you are looking for side hustles for single moms, and you need help coming up with some ideas, or choosing the best side job, here are some questions that can help you make the right pick.



If you are thinking, “Well, duh! I want a side hustle because I need to make some extra money, then I totally agree with you. However, if you look deeper, you will see that this question goes deeper than your need to make some extra money.

Here is what I mean.

It’s not enough to say that you need to make some extra money. First, you have to identify the reason why you need to make more money, then consider how much extra money you are looking to make.

For example, lots of single moms are looking for side jobs just to make ends meet. These moms work low-paying jobs and can’t make ends meet on minimum wage.

On the flip side, there are moms who make enough money from their full-time job, but they take on side jobs to pay off debt, fund their retirement accounts, save for college, or for a down payment for a house.

You see where I am going with this?

So, while it’s true you need a side hustle, the starting point is to identify why you need one or what problem you are trying to solve. Once you know your reason, then you can work out how much extra money you need to earn and the types of side hustles for single moms you should go after.

The best side jobs for single moms are the ones that meet a need or solve a specific problem. Don’t sign up for a side hustle or job without a specific purpose, otherwise, you will still end up in the same financial situation.


So, you have identified a specific reason why you want a side hustle, now I want you to consider if a side hustle is the best solution or the best way to address your situation.

For example, if you need a side hustle because you don’t earn enough money from your full-time job, then a side hustle would only be a temporary solution unless you plan to work two or more jobs for a long time.

Now, I know this is what lots of single moms do, but it’s not the best or easiest way to live. Juggling multiple low-paying jobs often leads to burnout and poor financial outcomes. You can’t attain financial stability if you can’t make ends meet or earn a decent wage.

So, when you think of getting a side hustle or job, make sure you consider how long you plan to keep your single mom hustle or whether this is the best solution financially.

There are times when a side hustle is the fastest way to meet a financial need, however, a side hustle may not be the long-term solution.

Of course, everything depends on your family situation, your goals, and how easy the side hustle is. Some side hustles for single moms are easier than others. If you can find a side hustle that generates passive income (after a lot of work upfront), then that’s a long-term gig that’s worth keeping.

So, think about your long-term goals, and your long-term financial health, then decide if this is the way to go.

Other long-term alternatives to working two or more jobs include:

  • Going back to college to earn a degree
  • Changing careers
  • Working your way up in your existing job, so you can earn more money (if that’s an option)

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As a single mom, finding enough time to do everything is a constant challenge. Working a full-time job, taking care of kids, and juggling other responsibilities leave you with little or no extra time for anything else.

Before you decide to take on a side job, first determine how much time you can devote to a side job or side hustle.

If you work forty or more hours a week, how many more hours can you add to your schedule without feeling overwhelmed? Please be honest and realistic with yourself!

Now, don’t get me wrong. There are times when you have to do what you have to do to get by, even if that means sacrificing things like sleep, personal time, and yes, even time with your kids. So, don’t feel guilty if you have to work a second job to make ends meet or improve your financial life.

But, the point I am trying to make is that it’s important to know how much time you can devote to a side hustle or job before you dive in.

When you know how much extra time you can spare, then you know what kind of jobs or side hustles to look for. For example, if you can only work an extra ten hours a week, there’s no point looking for a side hustle that requires you to work an extra twenty hours.

So, think about your time commitment and everything that’s going on in your life before you pick a side hustle or extra job.


Not all side hustles are created equal. Some side hustles or jobs are more flexible than others, so that’s something else you want to consider when looking for a side hustle.

The best side hustles for single working moms are flexible with decent pay. You want a side hustle you can do at any time, pick your own hours, work as much or as little as you want, and if possible, a side hustle you can do from home!

Since child care can be challenging and expensive for single moms, a side hustle you can do from home (while watching your kids), is the best gig that you can find. Of course, if your kids are older and can stay home themselves, this won’t be such a big deal, but it’s still important to consider flexibility when looking to make extra money.

Examples of flexible side hustles include delivery services like DoorDash and Uber, freelance writing, graphic designing, and blogging. I don’t consider side hustles like babysitting or pet sitting flexible since you have to work with the schedule of the parents or pet owners.

So, if flexibility is important to you, find a side hustle you can work around your existing schedule to avoid stretching yourself too thin.

Finally, if you choose a side hustle or job outside your home, consider if you can afford to spend more time away from your kids or if you can afford to pay for a babysitter.


The reason many single moms look for side hustles is that they need to supplement their full-time income, so when you are looking for the best side hustles for single moms, it’s very wise to think about the earning potential.

If you are going to spend more hours working or away from your family, you want it to at least make financial sense.

I know it might be tempting to want to accept the first job that comes along, but doing so without taking your financial needs or goals into consideration could be a big mistake.

If a side hustle won’t allow you to make ends meet or improve your financial situation, then I don’t think it is worth it. Of course, this means you will have to be patient because it might take you a little longer to find something suitable. I think that’s okay unless your situation is really desperate and any extra money would help.

So consider the earning potential and your desired income before taking on a side job. Single mom side hustles are a dime a dozen, but a lot of them are a waste of valuable time. You can’t afford to throw away time on things that don’t improve your life.

For example, let’s say your current or full-time job is not enough to cover groceries or clothes after paying your other bills. You figure you need an extra $500 a month to make ends meet. Your side hustle should be able to cover that for it to make sense.

So, no matter what your income goal is, make sure you factor it into your decision making.


When people talk or think about side jobs for single moms, they hardly talk about the potential challenges that could arise from this situation.

While having a side hustle is a good idea and a fantastic way to boost your finances (if you find the right gig), it can also affect your family life and create some challenges.

So, I don’t want you to only focus on making money. Think about how working an extra job will impact your family and ways you can work around it.

Here are some potential challenges of working a side job:

  • Not having enough time to spend with your kids. This could mean, not helping your kids with their homework, playing with them, or attending some extracurricular activities with them.
  • Finding adequate and affordable care.
  • Less time for self-care and other personal activities.
  • Limited time for effective parenting.
  • You could become tired and sleep-deprived from working lots of hours and not getting enough rest.
  • A disorganized home. No time to clean or stay on top of housework.
  • No time to focus on a long-term solution like attending college or changing careers.

As you can see, quite a few challenges can arise when you decide to pursue a side hustle. While most of these challenges exist with a full-time job, chances are they can get worse when you commit to working more hours.

Now, I don’t want you to get discouraged or discard the idea, I just want you to be aware of the potential challenges, so you can devise a plan to address them.

Now, let’s look at some easy side hustles for single moms.


First, let me say what I mean by easy.

When I say easy side hustles for single moms, I am talking about things most single moms can do with their existing skills (or perhaps do by learning some additional skills). This doesn’t mean that you won’t have to put in some effort to make money, it just means you won’t have to go through a lot of hurdles to do them.

Here is a small list of easy side hustles for single moms.

  • Babysitting. This one is pretty convenient if you can find something that works with your existing schedule.
  • Freelancing. Writing, web designing, graphic designing, etc.
  • Online tutoring.
  • Clean houses or organize homes.
  • Offer meal planning or prepping services or become a personal chef (if you are a good cook).
  • Make and sell crafts, printables, crotchet patterns, or anything else you are good at making or creating.
  • Teach a language.
  • Give music lessons.
  • Become a virtual assistant.
  • Start a blog (but you will need to be patient since it takes time to make money).
  • Become a coach

As you can see, there are lots of options to choose from. It all depends on your skills, interests, and how much you are looking to earn.

Also, let me say that, if working overtime at your existing job is an option (as long as the pay is decent), you can always consider picking up more hours to supplement your regular income.

Wrapping up questions to ask to find the best side hustles for single moms

Taking the time to thoroughly reflect before answering these questions will save you from a lot of stress and frustration.

There are lots of side hustle ideas for single moms, but you have to do some research to find the best and most profitable ones for you.

Whether you are looking for side hustles for single working moms or side jobs for single working moms, the ideas in this post will help you find what you are looking for.

Finally, let me say that you don’t need to spend countless hours analyzing or trying to figure out the best side hustle. Just pick something that looks promising and go with it. You can always drop it if things don’t work out.

Nothing beats trying or taking action. Good luck with your search!

Are you a single mom trying to find a side hustle? What’s been your biggest challenge?

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